Longacre 46538 Stepper Motor Racing Gauge Fuel Pressure 0-100 PSI 2-5/8"


Fuel pressure 0-15psi
Part#: 46538

The next generation in instrumentation

  • Use a small electronic motor that only turns a tiny fraction of a rotation to drive the pointer

  • More precise than the traditional mechanical instruments

  • 2-5/8”

  • 0-100 psi

  • Molded polycarbonate / ABS case

  • An electronic sensor is installed on the motor to drive the gauge - no oil or fuel in the driver’s compartment for added safety

  • Thru-the-dial LED backlights

  • Illuminated pointer

  • Quick & simple to install

Built-in Warning Lights – Ultra Bright 2 Stage LED

  • 2 set points are easily adjusted to your needs

  • 1st set point: LED illuminates

  • 2nd set point: LED flashes