Racing Radio NITRO BEE Single Channel UHF Receiver with Ear Buds and Holster

$109.99 $98.77

The Rugged Radios Nitro-Bee is a single channel UHF Receiver developed for race drivers, making it race legal where scanners aren't. Features small size, great price, and fantastic reception – plus a huge leap forward in functionality, receiving any single UHF frequency between 440.0000 ~ 469.9875 Mhz.


  • Ability to use stereo ear buds

  • Programmable CTCSS and DCS tones

  • Programmable turn on default channel

  • Button Lock to prevent accidental changes, unlike other receivers

  • Choose Purple or Yellow style receiver


  • FREE Stereo ear buds

  • Nitro-Bee UHF Receiver

  • Holster clip

Note: AAA Battery Required (not included).