Westhold Rechargeable Racing Transponder - Unit ONLY - Yellow FREE SHIPPING!

$219.99 $195.00

Westhold Racing Transponder  - Unit ONLY -  FREE SHIPPING!!

Each RaceCEIVER Westhold Transponder has a unique serial number which identifies exactly which competitor is crossing the start/finish line or any other timing point on a course. The Race Manager PC software displays this data which can then be sent to scoreboards, handheld devices, the Internet or locally networked computers. Rechargeable - 7 day on time. Fast recharge (max 3 hours, typical 1 hour).  Max charge time is approximately 3 hours. Typical charge time is approximately 1 hour. LED lights on the transponder indicate full charge while in the charging cradle. The green LED indicates approximate number of days of life left (up to 7 days). A red LED indicates when the transponder charge has less than 1 day remaining.

This is for the transponder unit ONLY.  Charger and pouch sold separately or in a kit:  CLICK HERE